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Are you a real estate investor who is ready to expand your portfolio? Maybe you’re just starting out and want to pick up an easy-to-flip rental property in IN. Or, are you looking for a great deal on a cheap house that you can make the perfect family home? We Buy the Good Bad and Ugly Houses is a real estate investment company that specializes in finding those hidden gems and well-priced deals that are usually at 30 to 50% off retail value.

We are full-time property investors and have the experience and connections to find the best properties in foreclosure, bank owned foreclosures, investment properties for sale, handyman deals, fixer-uppersdiscount homes, rental homes, and distressed properties in Mishawaka and all across IN. Once we find the right investment property or rental property for sale at the right price, we pass these deals along to our list of preferred buyers who are looking for great deals to expand their portfolios or help them get started in real estate investment.

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From handyman deals and distressed properties to foreclosures and underperforming rentals for sale, join our Buyers List to see our catalog of available investment properties in your area!

What Type Of Investor Are You?

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Buy And Hold Investor

An investor that purchases a property with the mindset of it being a long-term investment might consider themselves a “Buy and Hold” investor. This passive investment strategy is a smart business move not only for investors but also for those individual buyers who have the foresight and willingness to purchase an investment property, such as a rental property, to hold on to so they can cash in on the equity when the time is right. An investor using this kind of strategy is often choosy about the initial price of the property, but their main concern isn’t short-term fluctuations in the housing market. If you are looking for a long-term property to maintain as a reliable and stable investment, We Buy the Good Bad and Ugly Houses has some great options waiting for you.

Fix And Flip

If your investment strategy is focused on finding distressed investment properties and underperforming rental properties for sale so that you and your team can purchase the property, completely renovate and remodel it, and sell it at a profit then you are a Fix and Flip investor. Fix and Flip investors are looking to find properties at a deep discount. Many of these properties include houses, condos, rentals, etc. that are in pre-foreclosure, foreclosure, or available at auction. These types of distressed properties are often priced low for a quick sale due to the condition of the property or the seller’s financial situation. With We Buy the Good Bad and Ugly Houses‘s Buyer List, it’s easy to find a deeply discounted property that will fit your needs.

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run down brick house needing exterior work with a broken pathway

BRRRR (Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat) Method

The BRRRR Method of investing is easy to remember – Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat. This tried and true investment approach is for those investors that have the time and money to purchase distressed properties and rehabilitate them to get them up to code and ready to rent out at the most money possible in the current market. Once they have reliable renters in their property, they can cash out on their hard work and refinance the rental property to fund further rental property investments. This gives the investor two streams of income – the reliable stream of money from renting out the property as well as a lump sum of cash from the refinance. If you are currently a BRRRR Method investor or interested in trying out this style of investing, We Buy the Good Bad and Ugly Houses has a wide range of options for your next purchase. Join our list now!

Vacation Rental Properties

Do you want to embark on the exciting journey of real estate investment, but you don’t have the time, patience, or money for a Fix & Flip or the BRRRR Method? Investing in a vacation rental property might be for you! If you are a smart investor and planner that understands the local market, vacation rentals can be a huge payoff for your investment portfolio. Vacation rental platforms such as Airbnb and VRBO make it easy for homeowners and investors to generate income from a short-term lease without dealing with the hassles of the laws and regulations around long-term renters. And having a property available at a moment’s notice for your own personal vacation is a huge plus for many people! If you are looking for a well-priced property to turn into a vacation rental, contact us today. With our Buyers List, we make it easy to find the right vacation home for you.

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